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.:: life flows on and on ::.

-don't go against it-

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rainbow, organized
It feels kind of surreal sitting in my bedroom in Toledo doing homework at the desk I used up until I came to Ohio State. It's not the first time I've done it, but this year, I've realized is almost identical to my senior year in a lot of ways. I'm trying to keep up with the present while constantly worrying about the future, in particular how to PAY for the immediate future plans.

It's kind of funny how life comes full-circle sometimes. My senior year of high school I spent hours sitting at that desk juggling homework, job applications, and scholarship applications all in the hopes of being good enough to receive money and making money for going to Japan and also to pay for school. Now I'm back here, doing homework during the only downtime I'm going to have for the rest of the semester, because this semester has been filled with JSO stuff and also scholarship applications and other miscellaneous bureaucratic stuff for studying abroad next year.

Crazy haha. It's crazy to think of how I've changed since then, how dynamic we really are as people. I've never been happier that I decided to come to Ohio State and have become who I am today. I hope that, like the last few years, I can be able to say "This is the best year of my life!" every year. Already, I feel it.

Wow. 2013 is almost 1/4 done. Crazy.

Time flies. Gotta make the most of it!