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.:: life flows on and on ::.

-don't go against it-

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i just want you for my own
rainbow, organized
Ah, it would appear that happily being home has gone on for long enough.

I suppose it's about that time. My sister can really only take about a week of me at a time before she begins to become upset that my presence happens to be here in Toledo instead of in Columbus.

I can't decide who's more selfish: her for wanting me gone, or me for wanting to stay. If we weren't planning to go to Buffalo for New Year's, I would half GLADLY go back to Columbus for the end of the year! Hell, I have a lot of friends that would love to see me down there rather than an awkward tension with my family.

But I am a firm believer of family first, no matter what. And so I will not do that, no matter how much fun it would be, because going to Buffalo to see family is pretty much more important to me than anything else.

Still, I suppose it's frustrating. And sad in some ways. I don't know how I can become a better person for her not to dislike me. My instinctive urge to make myself more "perfect" is to study study study and be a perfect student, but that really won't help matters. I suppose I could spend the days holed up in my room where she doesn't have to see me, but that's not fair to the rest of the family who does.

Now that I mention it though, SHE stays upstairs all of the time. And it's not just because I'm here! That's normal for her...

Ugh. I just don't know what to do. The high road is so, so hard sometimes...