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.:: life flows on and on ::.

-don't go against it-

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wheel in the sky keeps on turning
rainbow, organized
All of this study abroad stuff has my head spinning...

So many applications... so many deadlines... so many what-if's that won't be answered until the last possible moment...

I don't know if I can do this. But I have to go into it blindly anyways, otherwise I'll NEVER know if I would've been able to.

It's so scary...

And lately, I've been hearing reports from a friend of mine who transferred to a university in Japan that Japan isn't the dream land he envisioned.

Granted, I KNOW that already, but it makes me nervous... for him, the longer he stays there the less he likes it. I DO still want to live there at least for some period of time in my life... so I NEED this study abroad to see if that's something that's actually suited for me...

Ugh.... I hope it works out. I'm trying so hard.