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.:: life flows on and on ::.

-don't go against it-

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rainbow, organized
Ahhhh, Livejournal... there are times when you are the best option.

Like now, at 1:42 in the morning in my kitchen procrastinating while listening to Mumford.

In the last week, I've noticed that I think (somehow), this year I've become the college student I've always wanted to be. I think I've finally found that mixture of work and play that I've been looking for since my freshman year. I think I finally have friends I can feel as close to as my friends back home. I have awesome room mates, but not so awesome that we NEVER argue (Sarah and I are so well-suited to each other it's scary hahaha).

And finally, most importantly, I feel like a student leader. And I think I've always wanted to feel that.

Last night, my close friend and room mate Sarah were in a small study room in the 24-hour Science Engineering Library studying when a friend of ours came in. Immediately we started talking about how busy we were, but it was in such a GOOD way. Furthermore, all three of us were e-board members of three different but interconnected groups.

It felt.... really great. I don't know. I can't explain it.

I'm just really enjoying life right now, I guess. That's... that's all hahaha.

By the way, for practice sake, I'm going to start translating my posts into Japanese. So I'll cut to it!






なんか、よく分かんないけど、いい感じだった。それだけね 笑